Thursday, January 3, 2008

Additional Advertising Space For Canadian Linkers

Those who would like to get some incoming links and traffic (listen up) can do so easily by selecting or suggesting a word or a phrase that is not necessarily related to Website Design in Toronto. Simply go to Canadian Links for Advertising and purchase a keyword (or a key phrase) and it is yours for years, yet at very affordable price comparing to some other sites charging as much as double or triple. Great way to promote or start promoting your web site. Unlike some directories that don't even work any more this contextual way of linking seem to make sense. Even though this appears to be for Canadian market I doubt that submissions to ouside Canada would be rejected. Enjoy.


lee said...

Interesting, I have signed up because I have inside information that the pagerank will jump soon.

Twinkie said...

Specific advertising space is not required for displaying ads. While designing your website itself, they will provide you with whatever space you ask for. provides you a wide range of services and plans at reliable cost.

webdesignstore said...

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