Friday, January 22, 2010

Professional Web Programming with Database in Toronto

Many have tried! Many have tested and failed. Many have worked hard!

But only few of them have succeeded.

When it comes to Web Programming, it takes good professional programmer with extensive knowledge and experience in both Internet and Software, to come up with a solid web programming successful solution. Some skills would be:

  • Internet Programming

  • Software Programming

  • Database Design

  • Database Development

  • Database Maintenance

  • Web Scripting

  • Javax

  • XML parsing

  • Java Scripting

  • Java Programming

  • Basic HTML knowledge

  • Website Security

  • Encryption

  • graphic design

...and extensive experience in all of these to create good web programming software to run fast, efficient, that is scalable, reusable and user friendly and at high level of web usability.

Web Development

Abacus Web Services provides this level of service companies that are looking for custom based web development software applications. Contact Abacus for further details about previous projects and obtain free quote for your upcoming Website Application Development project.

Abacus is based out of Toronto, Canada however services are provided to organizations in other cities as well as other provices and countries.